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Special Plenary Panel

The EE5 Conference proudly presents a very special plenary panel bridging Hollywood with Bollywood:

From Hollywood to Bollywood:
How Top Film & TV Writers and Producers Create Stories that Change Lives

Top Hollywood and Bollywood insiders will discuss their approaches for creating dramatic stories for television and film with impact, with an eye towards entertainment education for social change.

Panelists will show clips of their work, and discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in writing about critical global health topics, such as clean water, climate change, infectious disease, reproductive health and much more. They will also share their thoughts on the importance of entertainment media as a vehicle for social change.

The goal of the panel is to engage the audience in an insider’s discussion about triumphs, challenges, and best practices when writing about public health topics for TV and film. The event will provide the audience with a unique and rare opportunity to hear about the power of dramatic storytelling for improved health, from some of Hollywood and Bollywood’s master storytellers.  


Chris Keyser, Writers Guild of America West President.


Zoanne Clack, MPH, MD, Co-executive Producer, Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Vinta Nanda, Director, Toucan Entertainment and Director Marketing at The Great Southern Ark Productions.


Michael Nash, Writer/Director/Executive Producer, Climate Refugees (LA Think Tank)

Karen Tenkhoff, Development Partner, Walt Disney Feature Animation

Sandra de Castro Buffington, Director, Hollywood, Health & Society (USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center) 

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