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Emer Beamer

Emer Beamer is a social designer and conceptor, co-founder of Butterfly Works and Nairobits.

Emer Beamer is a co-founder of Butterfly Works, a design studio for social change, based in Amsterdam and working globally with designers and organsiers.

Along with co-founders Ineke Aquarius and Hester Ezra, Emer has developed and produced concepts which contribute to greater equality in the world, concepts which are currently used in 20 countries on 3 continents.

Emer focusses on designing meaningful learning experiences for young people in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Cambodia and Afghanistan. Programs such as 'NairoBits' web design schools and 'Learning about Living' for teenagers which have won international awards and are still been updated and applied to new contexts. Emer is currently investigating the potential of mobile games and learning apps to reach young people in informal settlements and (post)conflict states.

See more of Emer's work at www.butterflyworks.org

Emer tweets: @EmerBeamer and @ButterflyWorks


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