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Center for Human Progress (CHP)

The Center for Human Progress (CHP) is a New Delhi-based NGO and social entrepreneurship that promotes and enables youth empowerment and community-led change.  CHP supports social change through knowledge generation and exchange using various creative platforms, including traditional and new media, technology, art, music and theatre among others.

Since its inception in 2008, CHP has worked directly with over 50,000 young people and communities and reached out to many more through its projects and initiatives. 

CHP’s initiatives focus on building and strengthening programs and influencing policies in the field of development, including human rights, public health, education and arts to name a few.

To achieve its goals, CHP’s initiatives focus on 5 strategic areas:

  • Life Skills Education & Coaching
  • Capacity Building & Skills Development
  • Education & Awareness Building
  • Communication & Advocacy
  • Research & Documentation
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Email: contact.chp@gmail.com
Phone: +91 98104 69599

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