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Thank you all who joined us for what was an inspiring and thoroughly exciting conference of the global EE community! We are grateful to all of you for sharing your stories and research, cross-pollinating new ideas, bolstering meaningful and lasting partnerships, and for being a part of what has become an EE movement for social change.

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The Road Forward

We will announce a new re-vamped page with more EE resources and our upcoming Conference Report.

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The 5th Entertainment Education Conference (EE5) is for communication professionals, artists, public health practitioners, entertainers and others who work for a cause.

EE has the power to change the world! Bringing together the popularity of entertainment and the power of education, it influences positive behavior and social change and transforms lives. EE communication strategies are rooted in oral traditions (song, dance, drama and story-telling), extends to mass media (television, radio, print) and is now crossing new boundaries with innovations in technology (social networking, mobile phones, internet etc).

EE5 will explore the state-of-the-art in Entertainment-Education and position the field for the next generation of innovations. It will bring together a variety of stakeholders from around the world to examine best practices and new advances, conduct hands-on, participatory learning and explore techniques to improve effectiveness.

EE5 will inspire the entertainment industry, public health programmers, academicians, donors, government and others to harness the power of Entertainment-Education and improve health and well being around the world.


The first EE Conference was held in 1989 in California; since then international conferences have taken place in the US, Holland and South Africa. This year India – with its kaleidoscope of arts, cutting edge technology and dynamic movie industry – is proud to be the host of the 5th International EE Conference. The theme this year will address social and health issues highlighting the world’s most vulnerable - women and children. It will establish a vibrant platform for post conference networking and action.

The year 2011 marks 25 years since the Entertainment-Education (EE) movement began to be studied as a discipline in itself. In a rapidly changing world today, where community theater and folk music co-exist with facebook and twitter, the timing has never been better for EE5!

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